Laurent's irreverent sense of humor has served him well as a rogue vampire. For years, he was subject to Manticore Tribe Prime Justinian, who ruled with brutality. However, after a recent battle, Laurent seized the opportunity to break ties,and disappeared with valuable information.

Almost by accident, Laurent runs across human vampire hunter Eden Faveau, who is expecting a liaison with the Wolf Clan vampires. Someone is selling a dangerous new daylight drug to Tribe vampires and it behooves all of the them to work together to eliminate the threat. Laurent helps Eden and then continues the charade of being her contact. Eden is disconcerted by this vampire who acts nothing like what she has been led to expect -- his ironic humor and sexy manner are truly intriguing. For Laurent, he too is getting in over his head emotionally. Of course, all the lies and half-truths are bound to come out, plus Justinian will be out for blood ... literally.

What a bad-boy charmer! Definitely Sizemore's most fun and original hero to date. Eden is no slouch herself, and these two are an ideal match. Once again, Sizemore serves up a terrific blend of edgy humor, passionate romance and thrilling danger. (Feb., 384 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith