Image of Shadow Rising (Dark Dynasties)


Image of Shadow Rising (Dark Dynasties)

After eight sizzling and exhilarating books, Knight brings her Mageverse series to a close with the ninth and final chapter: Master of Darkness. Smaller conflicts have been building to the ultimate battle between the evil Warlock and most of Magekind — and Knight doesn’t disappoint! Filled with her trademark action and steamy hot sex, Knight gives her fans a terrific finale — with a teaser of adventures to follow. An excellent conclusion!

As the daughter of the extraordinarily powerful werewolf sorcerer called Warlock, Miranda Drake knows she maybe the only one who can stop him. However, to succeed in that mission, Miranda is going to need some serious backup. Dire wolf William Justice has been assigned to protect Miranda, and he takes his mission very seriously. War is coming, but thankfully a deathbed prophecy hints at what is required to defeat Warlock. It will be up to Miranda and Justice to unlock the meaning of the prophecy, for it appears they are at its core. But, due to her past, Miranda has a serious problem with domineering alpha males, and they don’t come more alpha than Justice. To save the world, they are just going to have to trust each other. (BERKLEY Sensation, Aug., 320 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Haupt