After killing her abusive husband to save her son, Lady Ariana of Rosebriar is blackmailed into becoming the notorious Spy of the Night. The Hunter, Gabriel of Whitestone, has been sent to capture the traitor and claim her home as his reward. Gabriel takes Ariana prisoner, but it's soon evident that she holds his heart in her hands.
Gabriel realizes that he must bring Ariana to London or forfeit his dream, though Ariana's courage, defiance and beauty leave him in awe. When it appears the only way to save her is to marry her, he swiftly makes her his bride.

Powerful emotions pour from the pages of Trapp's adventurous captive/captor tale. The strength of her characters sets the book on fire, and as passion explodes between them, readers will breathe a deep sigh and continue until the last, touching page of this irresistible read. SENSUAL (May, 380 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin