When it comes to combining sexy situations and humor, Bangs has it nailed. This sensuous and funny tale of time travel and vampires brims with excitement, making it a true winner!

After he made a bargain with the big boss that he'd cease his evil ways, cosmic troublemaker Ganymede finds himself in a quandary with his new business venture. Ganymede runs vacations to destinations in the past, and this latest tour — to a seemingly deserted castle in 1785 Scotland— is giving him trouble. He asks former lover and fellow cosmic troublemaker Sparkle Stardust to come along in her cat disguise.

Vampire Darach MacKenzie is taking his turn guarding his clan's castle. None too thrilled when a bunch of tourists from the future arrives and takes up residence, Darach senses that Ganymede and Sparkle are two powerful entities. But his plans to exorcise the group run into a roadblock when he meets up with Blythe, a sexy woman from the future. For Blythe, this trip is a way to prove to her bosses at Ecstasy Inc. that she can still do her job, but finding a way to make a vampire happy won't be easy.

(Feb., 384 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith