Fionna MacLennan may live in the land of green, but when her stepson's inheritance is given to an American upstart by an out-of-date will, all she sees is red. Before the stranger even steps off the train, she has vowed to do all she can to right the wrong of her husband's untimely passing.

Expecting an elderly widow, Duncan Campbell finds that Fionna is young, and the castle and its residents are far from friendly. Only the boy and a rumored ghost make him feel welcome.

Despite the attraction between them, Duncan and Fionna keep to their promises: Duncan begins mending the financial ruin of the place with new ideas, and Fionna enlists the help of her childhood friend to foil all of Duncan's efforts. But she soon realizes that while she will win the day and keep the castle, doing so means she loses the man.

When the childhood friend reveals his true motives and demands Fionna wed him to protect the boy's future, it will take all of Duncan's newfangled plans —and the unexpected appearance of the resident spirit—to return Castle Glen to its former glory.

This sweet story is finely peppered with humor, as Fionna and Duncan try to outmaneuver one another. Caught between loyalty to her husband's old-fashioned ways and Duncan's brash intelligence, Fionna at last grows up to become her own woman. SENSUAL (Mar., 249 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Anne Black