In a fury of grief over the death of his wife, Ian "The Doubter" MacLean burns down the family chapel. As penance, he is sent on a pilgrimage to carry a sacred relic to a holy shrine.

Meanwhile, Madeline Drummond is on a pilgrimage of her own. She's in disguise as a nun and traveling from shrine to shrine, stealing small silver offerings left by her enemy, a murderous villain.

Ian spies her stealing and is intrigued. When she is caught, he claims her as his wife, becoming honor bound to protect her. A more mismatched pair would be hard to find, yet they are drawn to one another, and passion flares as they join forces to save Maddie's ancestral home.

Welfonder does it again, bringing readers another powerful, emotional, highly romantic medieval that steals your heart and keeps you turning the pages. Perfectly blending history and romance to create an unforgettable story, Welfonder proves herself a mistress of the genre. SENSUAL (Aug., 310 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin