Wolff debuts with a clever time travel that maintains all the elements of the genre yet adds a charming freshness thanks to intelligent characters and appealing backdrop.

While on a dream-come-true trip to Scotland, Lily Hamlin is exploring a maze when she discovers a stone map and is pushed through a portal to 1654. Cameron clan chief Ewen is immersed in plans to drive the British from his homeland when he discovers her. A widower with an heir, Ewen has no time for women, but he's fascinated with the spirited, unusually dressed stranger who has popped into his life.

Lily takes to life with Ewen and would give up almost everything to stay with him. Even if she doesn't fully realize the danger, Ewen knows he will have to battle the British and a rival clan to hold onto his freedom. He will not risk Lily's life in the coming wars, but her love for Ewen makes Lily strong and convinced that she can find a way to stay in the past and help him. (Berkley Sensation, Feb., 291 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin