When Don Gonzalo arrived in New Spain he took a Native American wife. Now he has made their daughter a virtual prisoner on his hacienda, awaiting the day he can use her as a pawn in his rise to power.

Maria devises a daring schemeshe will steal his beloved horses and take them to her brother and mothers tribe rather than become the mistress of Don Diego, the Master of Horses, as her father has planned.

Diego is shocked by Gonzalos suggestion of using Maria; he wants a willing wife. Diego hopes to seduce Maria, believing true passion can flourish between them.

After witnessing Gonzalos cruelty, Diego understands Marias hostility. When they leave the hacienda to chase stolen horses and are captured by her brothers warriors, Diego acquires a new understanding of the Natives plight and renewed determination to help them raise and train horses.

This is an extremely interesting story involved with the raising of horses and how the Native Americans obtained them. The romance between Diego and Maria runs a rocky road, until a powerful trust can be forged. With its unusual setting, MASTER OF HORSES fascinates on a historical level, more than as a traditional Indian romance. SENSUAL (June, 351 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Evelyn Feiner