Image of The Master & the Muses


Image of The Master & the Muses

At the center of this unique story is an irresistible hero, Thomas Rodin. Complicated and charismatic, he’s matched by his muses in complexity, making The Master & the Muses a very special reading experience.

Painter and free thinker Thomas Rodin refuses to be constrained by the morals and mores of his time, finding inspiration for his work in a trio of beautiful women — his muses. Milliner’s apprentice Helen Bridgeton is condemned to a conventional life by traditionalist parents, until she falls for Rodin and weds him. Helen needs more than Thomas can offer — but loves him still. Orphan Sara Cartwright, housed by relatives who believe working as a housekeeper is bettering herself, meets Rodin at the theater, and moves in with him, becoming his model and mistress. Though Sara marries another, part of her heart remains his. And Grace Farmer, a former prostitute, is made infamous by posing for Rodin. Loving him almost destroys her, but love him she does, no matter what. All three women haunt Rodin, by varying degrees, but only one has what it takes to make him forget the others. (SPICE, Jun., 352 pp., $13.95)
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer