In this daring, exotic and erotic battle-of-wills romance, a tempestuous English woman and a notorious pirate cross swords, words and desires to make the pages singe your fingertips.

When Rodrigo Soro sailed out of Gabrielle Ashton-Cross' life, she felt betrayed. Years later, Gabrielle-now a daring woman playwright and actress-is sailing home to the Seychelle Islands when her ship is attacked by Rodrigo.

Bent on revenge, Rodrigo took from the English who sheltered him and then turned his back on them to become a privateer. He always regretted leaving the lovely, young Gabrielle and now that he has her back, he is determined not to let her go.

On the high seas and the hot sands of their island paradise, Gabrielle and Rodrigo engage one another in a fiercely sensual duel. However, their enemies are plotting against them. Will they overcome their pride and seize the opportunity to clear up the errors of the past?

With a master's stroke, Katherine O'Neal manages to delve into readers' fantasies and build a multi-layered story that walks the thin line between sensuality and the erotic. A strong plot, memorable characters and a smoldering love story would be enough, but Ms. O'Neal adds just the right amount of tension and adventure to lure the reader into her web. VERY SENSUAL (Dec., 355 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin