On the day Lady Meiriona is to wed Godric Montgomery, her father has Godric sold into slavery in the East.

For five years, Godric has believed that Meiriona betrayed him and, when he is given his freedom, he returns to seek vengeance against his bride. On the day her father forces Meiriona into marriage with another, Godric abducts her.

She may scream and call him names, but Meiriona's body remembers the passionate kiss they shared years before. Godric's gentleness (especially to her younger brother), his controlled passion and his tenderness soothe Meiriona until she yearns to share the secrets of her heart and her soul with him. As they are consumed by desire, the country is caught in the War of the Roses, forcing Meiriona to choose between Godric's love and duty to her father.

Exciting historical period, tried-and-true plotline, a hero to dream about and a willful heroine—all the stuff romance readers have savored for decades is here. This novel reads as though Trapp summoned every element she ever enjoyed as a fan of the genre and blended it together in this entertaining, if not original, debut. SENSUAL (Jun., 380 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin