In Penny Jordan's Master of Pleasure (4), newly widowed Sasha and her twin boys are penniless and at the mercy of the man who broke her heart a decade ago. Gabriel Cabrini is out for revenge against the woman who left him for his elderly cousin. Now acting as guardian of the twins, Gabriel has Sasha under his control. As he prepares to take revenge, he finds that he misjudged not only Sasha but his own feelings for her. Can they overcome the trauma of their past and forge a future together? This question is at the heart of this well-developed love story. With the beautiful setting of Sardinia as a backdrop, Jordan does an excellent job of revealing how Gabriel's and Sasha's respective childhoods molded them into two adults who had to learn how to love before they could be together. This richly satisfying story is both sensual and emotional.
Reviewed by: 
Stephanie Schneider