Lorelie is looking for adventure when she volunteers to help her fianci, Julien Wallingsford, capture the notorious pirate Jack Rhys. But her ruse goes awry when shes taken hostage by the buccaneer.

Jack has his reasons for using Lorelie to exact revenge on the Wallingsfords. She appears to be the ideal pawn, but shes far too bold, too beautiful and too smart and ends up enticing Jack.

Lorelie has no problems fitting in aboard Jacks ship and using her wits and beauty, shes sure shell wrap him around her little finger. But they are both in for a surprise; for as they match wits they find themselves unmasking each others hidden secrets, vulnerabilities and dreams. Their friendship begins turning to love.

Even their challenging wager about falling in love takes on new dimensions as desire simmers between them. Sea battles, shipwreck and a final confrontation with Jacks mortal enemy climax in an exciting, heartstopping moment.

Kinley MacGregor takes the high seas by storm with this fast-paced highly entertaining debut. The seductive cat-and-mouse games, wagers and challenges make everything sizzle and keep you glued to the page. With MASTER OF SEDUCTION, Kinley MacGregor makes an impressive mark on the genre. SENSUAL (Feb., 380 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin