Image of Master of Torment (A Medieval Romance)


Image of Master of Torment (A Medieval Romance)

Tabke gives medieval fans what
they dream about: a Saxon warrior princess and a bold Norman knight
in a heated battle of wills, set against
a tense political situation. Tabke
taps into the classic plot with the
freshness and hot sensual tension
of a master craftsman.

Tarian of Dunlac, the niece of Saxon King Harold, controls her own fate. She forces one man to marry her at swordpoint, and when she's widowed and abducted, she refuses to marry her tormentor. And she certainly won't yield to her rescuer, Norman warrior Wulfson de Trevelyn.

Wulfson is sent by William the Conqueror to make sure none of Harold's kin survive. But courageous Tarian intrigues him, and though they clash, they are also drawn to one another. Tarian plays a dangerous game, drugging Wulfson, bedding him and hoping to conceive a child she'll claim as her dead husband's. Wulfson does not trust Tarian, yet he protects her from becoming a pawn of the Saxon and Welsh lords. As their undeniable passion grows, he defies his king for the woman he loves. (Pocket Star, Dec., 380 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin