Determined to find out who murdered his best friend, fellow dire wolf Tony Shay, Jim London goes way undercover by posing as Rambo, a K-9 dog.

Officer Faith Weston quickly bonds with her new canine partner. In fact, right now, Rambo appears to be Faith's only friend. Something is seriously wrong in the police force -- people seem to be eerily changing.

Jim's acute senses tell him that a witch/vampire has control over the police force. Stopping the vampire is Jim's first priority, but he also discovers there's a rogue werewolf in the mix. Faith's courage is unflinching, but it may get her killed as she runs headlong into a dangerous world of which she has no conception.

The legacy of the demon Gierolf still wrecks havoc and causes major headaches for both magekind and direkind. Ripples from events of previous books in the series add layers to the plot of another intense, sexy and rip-roaring tale. Knight's unquestioned forte is delivering books that are scorchingly sexy and filled with rich characterization and intriguing plots. (Apr., 320 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith