Image of Mastered By Love (Bastion Club)


Image of Mastered By Love (Bastion Club)

The anticipated conclusion to the Bastion Club series
is an outstanding story of love, honor and commitment. The characters' behavior reflects the deepest meanings of these words. The depth
and intensity of their feelings show what romance and love really mean.

Royce Varisey, the 10th Duke of Wolverstone, never expected to succeed to the title. When he refused his father's demand not to serve his country he believed he was disowned. Assuming the name Dalziel, he spent 16 years fighting the French.

Since his departure, orphaned friend of the family Minerva Chesterton has been made chatelaine of Royce's home. She has always loved Royce, and when his father dies and he returns to assume his title, he depends on her, realizing she is his true emotional mate. There are political and societal reasons to marry, but he's also fallen in love with her. When Minerva agrees to marry, attempts on her life begin. But their love and passion grow on many levels, and Royce's loyalty is never more evident then when he risks his life for her. (AVON, Aug., 416 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin