Image of Masters of Desire


Image of Masters of Desire

These three deliciously erotic paranormal romances are about cursed characters and the lovers that free them. Packed with blazing hot sex scenes, likable characters and just enough suspense to fully engage the reader, this is one anthology that's bound to heat up any winter night.

In Jackson's "Pirate of Mystique Island," Lord Rafe Herrington's been cursed by an island witch, and only a sweet but seductive siren named Melodie can free him. Will she love him or kill him?

Truda Borg arrives at Wybjorn Castle to study her ancestor Garet the Protector. Then she meets the ghost himself, and simple research turns into a fevered search to free him from his curse and make him her own in "Ghostly Legacy," in Chase's story.

In "Keket's Curse," by Kersten, an ancient Egyptian temple maiden is cursed after a tryst with the high priestess's lover. Today, her kiss kills any man she dares to love ... until David, who sates her sexual hunger like no other. (APHRODISIA, Jan., 304 pp., $12.95)

Reviewed by: 
Bella March