The amount of magic in each story in this collection varies, but the ones with subtle touches of paranormal elements work best. This includes D’Alessandro’s contemporary tale “Heart’s Desire” and Gregory’s Victorian story “And Then There Was You”. Unfortunately, Erwin’s attempt to include paranormal creatures in “All That Glitters” falls completely flat. The standout story in the collection is Marsha Canham’s “What The Heart Sees” which takes place in medieval England and features a female archer who protects a castle under siege and the lord of the manner who falls in love with the strong, willful woman. Other than Canham’s delightfully atmospheric tale, the other stories are largely forgettable.

The anthology is made of up six different stories all set in different time periods. From medieval England to present-day Texas, the tales are linked by a magical mirrored pendant that reveals the wearer’s secret desires. In each of these stories, these desires have to do with finding true love. The set-ups are different; some of the couples are childhood sweethearts while others are meeting for the first time. But in every tale, readers will find strong central characters, especially the heroines who take charge and fight for their men. (SELF-PUBLISHED, Dec., dl., $5.99)

*Web Exclusive Review*

Reviewed by: 
Dawn Crowne