Angel Junior's new assignment may just net him a promotion to full-fledged guiding angel. Honoria is the head of a financially unstable private school, and wealthy Alexander works for his father. Junior has 10 days to convince these naysayers that each has a shot at love.

Alex's acquaintances bet on his ability to seduce Honoria, which results in Alex placing a bid on Honoria in a fundraising auction for her school. The prize is a seven-day vacation at Club Paradise— a tropical resort for couples.

After winning the auction, Alex initially has no desire to seduce Honoria, but once they're at the resort he changes his mind. Honoria has been attracted to him since they attended school together, and things proceed nicely until two of Alex's friends show up to see how the bet is progressing.

This is an excellent finale to this heavenly trilogy. Alex is the nicest kind of poor little rich boy hero: vulnerable and insecure under his suave outer shell. Though the ending is predictable, it has a satisfying twist. (Apr., 320 pp., $6.50)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley