Image of A Match Made on Madison


Image of A Match Made on Madison

Not just a novel, Davis' latest is also a fabulous guide to the Big Apple. She offers a wealth of insider's knowledge and honest-to-goodness tips on where to shop, eat and spend big bucks on your pet. Although heavy on exposition for the first couple of chapters, Davis
more than makes up for it with a
rich plot and plenty of twists and
turns. Professional matchmaker Vanessa Carlson offsets her shallow, stereotypical New York ways with
a big heart and a fond adoration
of her supportive friends.

Eager to prove she's no longer her mentor Althea's protegee, Vanessa agrees to a martini-induced bet. She and Althea will compete to land one of the most eligible -- and tough-as-nails -- bachelors as a client. The caveat is that the appointed matchmaker must be invited to the inevitable wedding. Piece of wedding cake ... or is it? Mark Grayson wants nothing to do with either of their services, and furthermore is highly ticked that news of the reported bet has landed on some of the most well-read gossip papers in the city. (St. Martin's Griffin, Apr., 320 pp., $12.95)
Reviewed by: 
Lauren Spielberg