MATCHED BY MOONLIGHT (4.5) by Gina Wilkins: B&B owner Kinley Carmichael is content with a life that’s all work and no relationship. But when a handsome travel writer comes to write an article about the legendary wedding venue, Kinley’s instant attraction to him threatens her resolve. Dan Phelan’s job satisfies his wanderlust, but his latest assignment — a beautiful innkeeper — makes him want to settle down. Are they fearless enough to trust in fate? The roving hero seems the antithesis of the pragmatic heroine, but the blazing lovemaking between these two kindred spirits convinces readers otherwise. Their co-stars are entertaining, from the enigmatic siblings to the monster of the bride. Wilkins’ animated narrative brings her tale resplendently to life, while her folksy legend gives it whimsy.

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Haupt