Third in the Sons and Daughters series, THE MATCHMAKER tells of the task C.J. Daltrey is assigned by his grandmother. Since he had been indirectly involved with Lizzie Colepepper's becoming scarred as a young girl, he must be the one to find the solitary woman a husband.

C.J. is a reluctant Cupid. He understands Lizzie's pain because his own beloved left him fearing his unsightly broken nose would never heal. But, determined not to be the first to forfeit his assignment, C.J. sets about getting his friends interested in Lizzie, with comic and near disastrous results. Finding out that his prize will be the family ranch only makes C.J. more determined.

Lizzie's happy working at the mercantile and taking care of injured animals. The sudden, and not always welcome, attention from C.J. and his friends changes everything, but not nearly as much as discovering the reason for C.J.'s devotion.

The recurrent humor and vivid depiction of small-town Western life make Debra Cowan's story thoroughly pleasurable and a delightful addition to the Daltrey family story. SWEET (Oct., 350 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Gerry Benninger