Image of The Matchmaker


Image of The Matchmaker

After observing her mothers marriages, Olivia Byrde has no interest in a husband. Instead, she has been helping other young women find their ideal mates while attending the tons many social events. She watches all the eligible men, making comments in the journal she calls the matchmaker.

On the way to her Scottish estate, Olivia stops in Yorkshire where she encounters a very drunk Neville Hawk, whowhile mistaking her for a maid makes inappropriate advances.

Neville is fascinated by Olivia and decides to accompany her to Scotland. Though attracted to Neville, Olivia believes he is nothing but a charming wastrel, like her deceased father.

Neville continues to pursue the reluctant Olivia. But it isnt his charm or wit that wins Olivias heart, but the pain he carries from his experiences in the war and the insomnia that plagues him.

If you like your heroes dark and flawed then run, dont walk, to buy THE MATCHMAKER. Haunted by battle fatigue syndrome and guilt, Neville is a remarkable hero and the key to this character-driven romance. Ms. Becnel gives us a true insight into the human spirit and does not stint on creating the ideal atmosphere and recreating the era to near perfection. A powerful love story and a thinking readers book. SENSUAL (Feb., 400 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin