Image of The Matchmaker (Morrow Creek)


Image of The Matchmaker (Morrow Creek)

The men of Morrow Creek are very concerned about the marriage-minded antics of local single women who are following the advice of a mysterious matchmaker. They decide together to discover the matchmaker's identity and curtail the activities aimed at getting them married.

The Crabtree sisters are prime suspects. Marcus Copeland, owner of the timber mill, is assigned to investigate Molly Crabtree, and he discovers that she has a bakery and wants to sell sweets to his workers. He pays the men to buy the less-than-edible treats and then uses the resulting business as an excuse to spend time with Molly. The bakery is her latest attempt to discover her niche—part of an ongoing search for some useful work to make her feel whole.

The mystery of the matchmaker's identity runs a close second to the book's main focus—Marcus and Molly falling in love, when neither had any such intention. Lisa Plumley creates an entertainingly light romance with just a pinch of humor. Sensual (Sep., 248 pp., $5.25)

Reviewed by: 
Gerry Benninger