This story about a series of murders
is well told from the point of view of both the murderer and the investigators working the case. The many characters introduced in the beginning make for a slow start, but the book picks up after the first surprising twist. Denton engages you so deeply in the suspense that some of the romance seems to get in the way. However, it's still worth reading for the flashbacks to previous murders, perplexing plot twists and dynamic relationships.

Dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder and hanging on to the edge of sanity, Greer Lomax -- a former profiler who's now deputy of her small hometown -- finds herself surrounded by dead bodies again.

To complicate matters, FBI special agent Ash Keller, a man from her past, arrives at one of the murder scenes ready to take charge of the case and her life. The two join forces to stop the killer before he strikes even closer to home. (BRAVA, Nov., 336 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Jennifer Madsen