Image of The Mating Game (Five Star Expressions)


Image of The Mating Game (Five Star Expressions)

This lighthearted romance between two combatants who grow into lovers is a fun read, with the added benefit of details about dog breeding. Grandmother Addy is a delight, and the collies have personalities of their own.

Kelby Richards fell for the wrong guy when then were both teenage dog handlers. Unfortunately, he owns the stud she needs to mate with her champion collie to make her kennel a success.

Clay Davidson attempted to seduce Kelby on a dare when they were teens, but never got the chance to tell her how foolish he'd been. They reach a tenuous compromise, assisted by a meddling grandmother, that gives Clay the 21 days of the dogs' mating cycle necessary to win Kelby's heart. He never gives up in his pursuit of her, especially once he realizes how much she means to him. Kelby thwarts his efforts at every turn, and won't believe he's become a successful businessman without the aid of his wealthy, interfering mother. (FIVE STAR, 2009, 270 pp., $25.95)
Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Brown