Image of Matter of Justice, A (Inspector Ian Rutledge Mysteries)


Image of Matter of Justice, A (Inspector Ian Rutledge Mysteries)

Double enjoyment is in store with the latest outing of Scotland Yard Inspector Ian Rutledge. A wonderfully plotted mystery will keep you engrossed and guessing right up to the end, and equally compelling is how Todd further delves into Rutledge's inner life -- how his experiences in the war have not only permanently scarred him but how they play
into his professional life. This terrific read will please longtime fans and those new
to the series.

While attending a wedding, Rutledge receives a call about a death on an estate in nearby Cambury. It's a particularly gruesome murder, in which a man had been discovered in a barn.

As the investigation begins, it seems the victim had a Jekyll-and-Hyde personality. He was widely respected in London business circles and equally despised in the village where he resided. Numerous people are glad to see him dead, and Rutledge, despite all investigative experience, finds it difficult to pin down tangible evidence that points to a murderer. Could this be the perfect crime? (MORROW, Jan., 336 pp., $23.95)
Reviewed by: 
Sandra Garcia-Myers