Teri Brisbin writes with a sweet, lyrical style. The only flaw is that the lovers circle around each other for weeks and weeks, and the reader is not sure until the very end what Douglas mission is.

Dr. Douglas MacKendimen dreams of a green-eyed temptress. A family reunion leads him to a mystical arch that transports him back in time to medieval Scotland to rescue the woman of his dreams.

No one is more surprised than Caitlin MacInnis when a stranger rescues her from lecherous villains, especially when he turns out to be the man who has been haunting her dreams.

At first, Douglas is skeptical of everything. He decides to just bide his time until he can return home. He purposely reigns in his desire for Caitlin and stops himself from making friends with his clansmen.

But Caitlin challenges him to use his skills for the good of the clan. And not until Douglas accepts the fact that the Fates have guided him to another time, can he realize his true destiny.

(Nov., 350 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Maria C. Ferrer