Image of Matters of the Blood


Image of Matters of the Blood

Another kick-ass heroine enters the paranormal arena in Lima's bloodthirsty whodunit. Feisty Keira narrates with a biting sense of humor. The secondary characters, both supernatural and human, are well done. There's romance brewing, but it takes a backseat to murder and mayhem. The book's conclusion satisfies, but there are enough loose ends for a sequel.

Keira Kelly comes from a powerful paranormal family of shapeshifters and clairvoyants, but she chooses to live in Texas among her human friends. Her clan insists she keep an eye on her human cousin Marty, who's been disowned. Keira is just beginning to come into her own powers and is having visions of a dead Marty. The vision comes true when Marty is found with bite marks on his neck. The sheriff, Keira's former boyfriend, suspects her new guy, Adam Walker, but Keira doesn't believe it -- until she discovers Adam is really a vampire. (JUNO, 2007, 248 pp., $12.95)
Reviewed by: 
Gail Pruszkowski