“Mattie’s Meltaways” is a sweet treat for inspirational romance fans. Mattie and Tyler are two very dedicated, hardworking people who do their best to help others. Readers are shown the goodness in the characters, however, little else of their personalities is revealed in this novella. So while it is wonderful to get a quick look into their lives, at the end of the story readers may be left wanting to know more about Mattie and Tyler.

Mattie Spencer has been so focused on raising her sisters and growing her business, Sweet Treats Bakery, that she has had no time to make her own dream of having a family come true. At thirty-five-years old Mattie is afraid that she will never get married. There is one man that she is interested in, local firefighter and single father Tyler Jacobs. Although he and Mattie are great friends, there has never been anything more between them because Tyler is still recovering from the death of his wife, who passed on three years before. But with the guidance of supportive friends and family, and a healthy dose of God’s love, Mattie and Tyler find themselves on the path towards happily ever after. (WHITE ROSE PUBLISHING, Feb., dl., $1.99)

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Reviewed by: 
Dawn Crowne