MAVERICK IN THE ER (4) by Jessica Matthews: Doctor Sierra McAllaster moves to Pittsburgh to start over after her husband’s death, hoping that her job at a new hospital will allow her to leave emergency medicine. She suffered a trauma in her old ER and doesn't think she will be able to return. However Sierra doesn't have a choice — Dr. Trey Donovan orders her transferred to his ER. That is the first mark against him in Sierra's eyes. Another strike against him is his charm; Sierra has been burned by a smooth-talker before. However, Sierra comes to find that Trey is more than just a handsome face. After his sister-in-law’s death, he has helped raise his preteen niece, Hannah. In fact, Trey seems to help everyone, and even Sierra as she gets over her panic in the emergency room. Sierra and Trey become involved, but their relationship is threatened when Hannah is diagnosed with a serious illness. Trey blames himself for not realizing his niece needed treatment earlier and acting out of guilt, he breaks things off with Sierra. Will Trey be able to get over feeling inadequate or will his inner turmoil keep him from going after the love of his life? Trey’s complex family dynamics add emotional depth to a story. Both Trey and Sierra face big problems as they learn that even doctors can’t always fix everything. But sometimes when you are really lucky, you get a second chance.

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Dawn Crowne