Image of Maverick Heart


Image of Maverick Heart

Desperate and destitute, Lady Verity Talbot travels to America to claim her only inheritance, a Wyoming ranch. With her grown son, Rand, and his fianc, Lady Winifred, she hopes to reestablish herself. Verity never expects to find the man she once loved-the man she sacrificed so much for-waiting in this wild land.

Miles Broderick believes that Verity betrayed their love by marrying his enemy. He has no idea of the dark secrets she has hidden or the pain she has endured. Bitter, he now hopes to make her pay, yet he still craves her love.

When Rand and Winifred are taken captive in an Indian raid, Miles blackmails Verity into becoming his wife to save her son. However, the embers of their love burst into flames as their old passions are rekindled.

Held captive, Rand and Freddy face hardship, trials, hatred and terror, as well as their own misgivings, to find a new and strong love of their own. Each couple finds that the harsh, untamed land brings out the best in them and that here, what might never have been in England, blossoms into love.

Joan Johnston gives us a double dose of romance with a mature love story and one of young love. Readers will find themselves truly captivated by both romances and the excitement of the chase and the passion. SENSUAL (Dec., 400 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin