Image of The Maverick Returns


Image of The Maverick Returns

THE MAVERICK RETURNS (4.5) by Roz Denny Fox: Cooper Drummond has been moving from one ranch to another, picking up work, when he lands on ex-girlfriend Willow Walker’s doorstep. Living in near destitution after the death of her husband, Willow is not about to open her heart back up to the man who chose the rodeo over her. Cooper is falling hard for a second time, not only for Willow but also for her autistic daughter, Lily. Helping her fix the house and get the cattle ready for sale is all Willow wants from Cooper, but he is slowly edging back into her heart. Fox’s characters are poignant, and she paints a touching picture of two lovers struggling to find their way back to each other. Equally compelling is the struggle of a parent to love and support a special-needs child.

Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper