Image of Maverick Wild


Image of Maverick Wild

Kayne carries off a warmhearted Americana western with all the necessary elements: feisty characters, a
loving family atmosphere, small-town troubles and the gritty reality of life
in the Wild West.

When Chance ran off to join the Confederate Army, he promised his stepsister, Cora Mae Tindale, that he would come back for her. Years go by, and Cora needs Chance to make good on his promise or she'll be forced to marry. She decides if he won't come for her, then she will go to him. Chance has never forgotten his vow, or the guilt he feels for never going home. But he has enough problems with his seductive, manipulative neighbor and trying to keep thieves away from the ranch. He doesn't need any more, and Cora is trouble with a capital "T."

Although everyone adores Cora, Chance suspects she's just as selfish and cruel as her mother. He keeps his distance and fights his attraction, until trouble finds them, and the only way Chance can save Cora is to marry her. Their childhood love rekindled is a powerful weapon against those who would tear them apart. (Harlequin, Jan., 300 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin