Image of The Maverick's Ready-Made Family


Image of The Maverick's Ready-Made Family

THE MAVERICK’S READY-MADE FAMILY (4.5) by Brenda Harlen: Clayton Traub came to Wright’s Way to support his brother’s rehabilitation and to adjust to life as a single father. The last thing he wants is a pregnant soon-to-be single mother haunting his dreams and heating his daylight hours. Antonia Wright is learning to accept the fact that she’s pregnant with no daddy in the picture; she’s always been independent. She thinks her heart is safe — until a sexy cowboy comes to town, cute son in tow. Harlen’s spunky yet vulnerable heroine and sweetly blazing love scenes will rock readers to the core in this emotional romance. And if Montana grows men like her hero, I’m moving.

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Haupt