THE MAVERICK'S VIRGIN MISTRESS (4) by Jennifer Lewis: Alicia Montoya is having a secret romance and is ready to turn it into a red-hot affair. What she may not be prepared for is the discovery that her lover, Rick Jones, is actually wealthy playboy Justin Dupree, her older brother's worst enemy. Dating Alicia under his alias, Justin knows his time with her will be short-lived, and if her brother finds out, he's as good as dead. He's doing an admirable job of keeping her at arm's length, until a fire at Alicia's home has her running into his arms -- and into his bed. When Justin's identity is revealed, Alicia is not sure that she can ever forgive or trust him again. With a believable plot and passionate and mercurial characters, Lewis' tale is a one-sit read.

Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper