Perennial favorite Barbara Bretton delivers another truly marvelous read with her newest release, MAYBE THIS TIME.

Television news personality Christine Cannon finds her life turned upside down when her former husband, Joe McMurphy, shows up on her doorstep with a scandalously young bride in tow.

Forced by friendship to marry the headstrong daughter of a King, Joe is not ready to cope with both the rebellious Marina and the inquisitive Christine.

An angry Marina is determined to make her way back to her rebel lover and her war-torn country. She knows that someday a deadly confrontation between her father and her lover is inevitable, but is determined to return.

Marina's presence in this country needs to be kept a closely guarded secret. Considering it was Christine's "dedication" to her career that broke up their marriage, can Joe trust her not to capitalize on the story? All of them are keeping secrets, some more tragic than others. Can they each find a way to reveal the truth and learn to love and trust once again?

MAYBE THIS TIME manages to be humorous, heart-rending, touching and romantic all at once. A book guaranteed to give hours of reading pleasure. (May, 352 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith