Victoria Barrett's ingenious concept of time and time-travel will captivate readers who crave the unusual, intelligent and fresh approach to an old idea. MAYBE THIS TIME is a non-stop read for time-travel and reincarnation afficionados. Ms. Barrett brings refreshing, clever and intriguing concepts to readers and then adds three enthralling romances to craft an unforgettable reading experience.

The Elders have made it clear that the Prophet, Kevan Bucahann, must help his Angel, Alyssa Cameron, learn to be a universal woman or lose her love forever.

Through a magical amulet Kevan is able to bring Alyssa through a near death experience into other lives, "learning levels," from the cavemen era to the present. It is as Alyssa Cameron, Lord Cameron and warrior chief of her clan, that Alyssa first learns of Kevan's love and her own need for humility. But she clings to her pride and must go on to another level to prove her readiness.

In Regency England, Kevan kidnaps Alyssa to avoid an unwanted marriage and helps her to retain the lesson of humility while learning to relinquish her stubborn pride in order to find love.

Finally, before all is lost, it is in the present that their love and faith are tested and it is here that soulmates finally find one another for eternity.

(Aug., 450 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin