Image of Maybelle in Stitches: Quilts of Love Series


Image of Maybelle in Stitches: Quilts of Love Series

Magnin’s contribution to the Quilts of Love series is well-researched, portrays the realities of war and honors women as welders. Her characters are brave women with strong faith. Touching and humorous scenes combine to remind the reader that life can change in an instant, but God is still in control.

Maybelle Kanzinzki’s husband, Holden, is missing in action during WW II, and her mother just passed away. While going through her mother’s belongings, Maybelle finds an unfinished quilt. Her friend Doris convinces her that they should finish it. But Maybelle can not sew, so Doris enlists the help of other army wives, and they all lean on each other during the process. The quilt becomes a part of them as they share their stories and cling to the hope that the war will soon end and their loves ones will safely return home. (ABINGDON, Mar., 240 pp., $13.99)
Reviewed by: 
Leslie L. McKee