Veteran storyteller Carola Dunn takes us on a lively adventure of the heart in Regency England.

As companion to the eccentric Lady Wiston, one of Miss Miranda Carmichael's chief duties is to walk the bad-tempered pug called Mudge through the gardens of Portchester Square. She does not expect to trip over the feet of a gentleman lying on the ground, fall on top of him and be kissed ruthlessly.

How unfortunate that the outrageous gentleman turns out to be Peter Daviot, her employer's nephew, an impecunious adventurer home looking to write a book about life with the American Indian.

Still, he seems to fit right in to his eccentric aunt's bizarre household. But other relatives are not so sanguine about Lady Wiston's lifestyle, and Miranda and Peter must join forces to prevent disaster.

Although the romance is very slight, readers will enjoy a gaggle of entertaining secondary characters. (Oct., 222 pp., $4.50)

Reviewed by: 
Melinda Helfer