Image of McAlistair's Fortune (Leisure Historical Romance)


Image of McAlistair's Fortune (Leisure Historical Romance)

The matchmaking mayhem that began in As Luck Would Have It and Tempting Fate continues with a tender love-and-laughter romance. Johnson delights while touching hearts as she puts an unlikely pair of engaging characters into a witty plot and a lively adventure.

Nothing good ever happens from eavesdropping, but that doesn't stop Miss Evie Cole from listening in when her guardians are planning to find a way to marry her off. Evie is set to turn their plan upside down when James McAlistair enters her life. A one-time government assassin, McAlistair is Evie's bodyguard, hired because someone is supposedly threatening her.

Evie knows it's all a ruse, but she also remembers a long-ago kiss she shared with him and isn't quite ready to let him go. Then real accidents begin, and Evie needs McAlistair's skills -- and not just for protection. The lady and the warrior are falling in love -- with surprising consequences. (LEISURE, Jun., 323 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin