Callie Burgess is hot on the trail of Lincoln McAllister, the man who killed her father, when she comes to the rescue of a wagon train under siege by Indians. Surprisingly, McAllister is also there trying to help. With the wagon master severely wounded, the trains leader, Preacher Gabriel Hawkins, asks Callie and Linc to lend their assistance. They agree and Callie thinks itll be the ideal opportunity to keep an eye on Lincand on the handsome preacher.

Linc is tracking a young man who was taken by Indians as a child, and he knows that Callies fathers true killers are also on that same trail.

Luckily a woman on the train who has taken Callie under her wing has information as to Daniels whereabouts. She agrees to help Linc, but only if hell take Callie with him and promise to teach her to be a lady.

The sparks that fly between Linc and Callie can only be a prelude to a passion that flares when they find themselves in danger. After finding Daniel, Callie and Linc take him to Oregon, only to have the plot twist once more.

While the ending is somewhat contrived, the characters and plot are strong. Callie learns that she must be true to herself, and that becoming a lady is something she must do for herself, not for anyone else. And Linc learns to trust others and his own instincts, like his love for Callie. As Lincoln and Callie come to the end of the Oregon Trail, their journey is just the beginning. SENSUAL (Jun., 395 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Evelyn Feiner