Image of McCavett's Bride


Image of McCavett's Bride

For wild adventures, humor and western atmosphere, Finch can't be beat. She fires off her quick-paced novels with the crack of a rifle and creates the atmosphere of the Wild West through laugh-out-loud dialogue and escapades that keep you smiling.

When Jack McCavett advertises for a mail-order bride, he doesn't expect Prudence Perkins to respond. The independent, sassy beauty is fleeing her domineering grandmother's plans to marry her off when her stagecoach is held up, her priceless heirloom bracelet stolen and she's rescued by her handsome groom-to-be.

Neither is what the other expects, and it seems best to call off the wedding. Pru agrees to pay Jack back every cent he spent on her by staying in Paradise and working at the cafe and newspaper. In no time she's in trouble with the outlaws who robbed the stage, begins a women's rights crusade, gets arrested, turns Jack's life upside down and then falls in love with him. Jack can't help but rescue her time and again, making it impossible to ignore the passion that simmers between them. (Harlequin, Jun., 300 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin