Raine Merrick is rotting in a French prison when a mysterious woman comes to his aid. Raine soon learns that he is nothing but a pawn in her game and when he finally sees her again she is in his fathers house, Wantons Blush, where it appears she is trying to become the next lady of the manor.

Favor McClairen has been waiting for the time when she can reclaim her clans honor. As one of the few survivors of a massacre, it is up to her to marry Lord Carr and destroy the demons that have haunted her since childhood.

But meeting Raine changes everything. There is no denying the attraction between them, nor the fact that they both want the same thing: Carrs destruction. But the web that was spun long ago and the web of deception they have woven in the present places them in danger and allows passion to flourish. How they manage to find a fabulous treasure and dispel the demons of Lord Carrs treachery is a climax you wont want to miss.

Any one who read the first volume in this masterful trilogy, The Passionate One will devour THE RECKLESS ONE. Complex, fascinating and gripping, this is memorable storytelling. Connie Brockway simply gets better and better as she creates characters and a plot that draw you in like a fly to a spider web. Reading THE RECKLESS ONE is a surefire way to start off the next century as Ms. Brockways raises her standards and our expectations for her next book. SENSUAL (Feb., 365 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin