When Arizona rancher Colin McCrory's daughter, Eden, runs off with the no good Judd Laslow, Colin sets out to bring her home. Colin meets up with Wolf Blake, a half-breed gunfighter, and Maggie Worthington, the town's leading madam.

Maggie promises Colin the information he needs to find Eden if, and only if, he marries her. Willing to pay any price for Eden's return, Colin agrees to Maggie's blackmail and, true to her word, they find and rescue Eden.

Raised in a wealthy home in Boston, attending the finest schools and living a privileged life, Maggie fell to the depths when the man she loved abandoned her. Now she is willing to use whatever she must to leave her old life behind and become a lady.

However, once on their ranch Colin ignores Maggie. He is beset by trouble. Many of his neighbors believe he is an Indian lover because he believes in rights for the Apache and is determined to find those who are cheating the Indians. Eden begins to fall in love with Wolf (the only one who seems to understand her feelings) while Maggie, already in love with Colin, is determined to claim him as her true love no matter what the cost.

McCRORY'S LADY is a wonderfully tender romance about an "older" mature couple's love, combined with that of young love. Though not boasting the powerhouse of emotion that fills many of Ms. Henke's novels, McCRORY'S LADY is a beautiful book with some charming characters and touches of sweet humor. SENSUAL (Apr., 440 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill Brager