After one night of marriage and seven years of separation, Caitlin McKenna travels from famine-ridden Ireland to reunite with her husband, Shane, in Missouri. Caitlin goes to Shane, hoping he will not mind that she brought her young niece, Derry, to live with them.

Shane believes Derry is Caitlin's child by another man. But he hasn't been an angel either. When his friend Cherise died, she asked him to take her son and raise him. Caitlin is shocked to meet Justin, but determined to make them into a family.

Building a new life together will be difficult enough, but then Caitlin hears rumors that Shane killed Cherise, while he still believes she is lying about Derry. Shane is also plagued by rustlers and mysterious shootings. When he is wounded, Caitlin cares for him, building a powerful new trust between them.

When Caitlin is kidnapped, Shane must rescue her, living up to her expectations as both a man and a husband.

Ms. French gives us a tale with style, emotion, depth of characters, villains, sub-plots, humor and desire. A wonderful story of growing trust and love. SENSUAL (Jan., 378 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Evelyn Feiner