The sexy spies of the Smithson Group are at it again in episode five: The McKenzie Artifact. SG-5 operative Eli McKenzie knew the crime syndicate Spectra IT was capable of anything, but abducting girls and forcing them into prostitution is beyond low.

It's Eli's mission to rescue the girls and destroy Spectra's sleazy compound. But when sexy P.I. Stella Banks gets captured and thrown into the compound for a game of "Stella Roulette," Eli intends to be the winner—even if it means blowing his cover and risking his mission.

The McKenzie Artifact has just as much drama, intrigue and explosive passion as the other four episodes of Kent's series. This talented author finds a way to add excitement and freshness to each episode. (Feb., 160 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Tanya Kacik