Image of A Mckettrick Christmas (The McKettricks)


Image of A Mckettrick Christmas (The McKettricks)

Short, exciting, loving and filled with holiday spirit, Miller's "gift" is a tale about those whose belief in the power of love and family transcends the ordinary when a little magic shows them the true meaning of Christmas.

Lizzie McKettrick is coming home with two surprises: She's the town's new schoolteacher and she has a would-be fiance, Whitley Carson. He might seem a bit selfish and city-bred, but Lizzie thinks he's husband material. Then their train gets caught in an avalanche, and a handsome stranger comes to the rescue. Dr. Morgan Shane, Indian Rock's new doctor, cares for the wounded and frightened passengers with Lizzie's help, while Whitley whines and rushes headlong into trouble.

Lizzie realizes she needs a man like Morgan. As another avalanche threatens rescue efforts, and food and optimism dwindle, Lizzie still believes her family will arrive, Christmas will come and love will flourish -- especially when an unusually jolly peddler opens his pack of "miracles." (HQN, Nov., 280 pp., $16.95)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin