When word arrives that his best friend Gabe is to be hung for murder, Holt McKettrick rides for Texas. He arrives in time to see Lorelei Fellows burning her wedding dress in the square. Holt learns that Lorelei is connected to two of the town's most popwerful men—her father is the judge who sentenced Gabe to death and her former fiancé is Gabe's lawyer.

Defying her father, Lorelei moves onto the rundown ranch she inherited from her mother. Unprepared for harsh ranch life, she's ready to give up when she meets her new neighbor Holt. Lorelei and Holt become friends—and then lovers—and band together to save their homes and their friends.

Miller's name is synonymous with the finest in western romance. From the hard realities of life in an untamed land to the passionate people who bring the colorful history to life, she brings the best of the West to readers, never failing to deliver a great read! SENSUAL (Jun., 345 pp., $16.95)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin