This heartwarming and heartbreakingly poignant story is a fitting finale to Miller's McKettrick Men trilogy. Her characters just come to life and may produce both tears and laughter. Though the story nicely focuses on the two main characters,
the secondary ones add a depth and reality to it that makes this story one
not soon forgotten.

Molly Shields has come to Indian Rock at the request of Psyche Ryan, the wife of the man Molly had an affair with and the adoptive mother of her son, Lucas. Knowing she hurt Psyche, who's dying of cancer, Keegan McKettrick does not welcome her. But Psyche has a plan to ensure Lucas' future. As Keegan gets to know Molly falls in love, Psyche puts her plan in motion. Will it work out as she hopes, or will time run out before these two stubborn people discover they're meant to be together? (HQN, Apr., 320 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley